International Conference on Adhesion in Aqueous Media:
From Biology to Synthetic Materials

September 9 – 12, 2019, Hilton Dresden, Germany,


The main objective of AAM2019 international conference will be to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion on the recent developments and progress in understanding of adhesion phenomena in aqueous media inspired by natural systems. This will bring up the dialog on the questions how the knowledge on biological bonding principles and mechanisms is transferred to design of synthetic hybrid and multi-response materials with new chemistry and architectures to understand and target adhesion properties in wet environments. In addition, the aspects of testing and modelling of underwater adhesion as well as material design for biomedical and technological applications will be in focus.


Biological adhesive systems in wet environment
  • Understanding of natural systems
Novel chemistries and structures
  • Biological and biomimetic interfaces
  • Thin films and nanostructures
  • Hydrogels with reversible sacrificial bonds
  • Organic / inorganic hybrid systems
Mechanisms and modelling of underwater adhesion
  • Novel tools & methods for adhesion testing
  • Mechanics of soft interfaces
  • Rheology & adhesion
  • Transport phenomena through interfaces
  • Molecular simulations
Applications and materials design in wet environment
  • Biomedical adhesives and clinical applications
  • Surface contamination (biofouling, insects & ice)
  • Underwater attachment systems, robotics
  • Additive manufacturing of hydrogels
  • Adhesives on wet surfaces